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Is Your Breakfast Draining Your Energy?

What if your low energy, cravings, and slow metabolism aren’t your fault? What if you could change just one thing every morning and see radical shifts in your energy, mood, and even your sleep?

The fact is, most breakfast foods (and even most protein shakes) contain ingredients that your body can’t use. Not only that —they’re often toxic and doing more harm than good.

Most “healthy” breakfast options will make you feel:










What’s Left Out of a Product is Just As
Important as What Goes In

Benefits of Product
Benefits of Product Benefits of Product
Benefits of Product Benefits of Product Benefits of Product

Change Your Breakfast to THIS
to Shed Unwanted Fat, Improve Your Focus,
and Increase Your Energy

By now, you probably know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It breaks your nightly fast and sets your digestion, metabolism, and energy on the right track for the day.

That means setting the biological tone for how you feel, your mental sharpness, hunger and cravings, energy levels, and even how your body burns fat.

Is your breakfast setting you up for failure?

  • Not everyone can find the time to eat a balanced, low-sugar breakfast that will keep you full and kickstart your metabolism.
  • While a protein packed omelet with a side of fresh-cut fruit sounds amazing, a home cooked breakfast is probably the last thing on your mind when you are rushing out the door in the morning. Instead, you are more likely to reach for something quick, easy, and TERRIBLE for you.
  • Most “quick” breakfast foods are packed with processed carbs and sugar, bringing your energy levels and metabolism to a screeching halt.
  • Most energy bars are just candy bars in disguise, and most protein shakes contain toxic ingredients that sap your energy and send you into a spiral of cravings and mood swings throughout the day.
  • Processed and sugary foods don’t just spike your blood sugar and send you into a cycle of cravings and fatigue… Sugar can actually DEPLETE crucial minerals, leaving you worse off than when you started.

Top 6 Foods NEVER To Eat for Breakfast

Protein Bars.
MOST Protein bars and protein shakes

While most protein products are marketed as healthy, 99% of them lack nutrition and are packed with man-made, toxic ingredients that your body won’t recognize as food.

Breakfast Cereals.
Breakfast cereals

Many of us were raised to think that breakfast cereals were the pinnacle of healthy breakfasts. But cereals are highly-processed and contain very little nutrition. Even fortified cereals were found to have no real nutritional benefit.1

Pancakes Waffles.
Pancakes, waffles, toast, muffins, or scones

Just like most cereals, bread products lack nutrient-density, raise blood sugar, and cause cravings throughout the day. Refined flours alone are linked to insulin resistance and obesity, while these treats also tend to come with added sugar.2

Fruit Juice.
Fruit juice

Most fruit juices on the market only contain a small amount of juice and are sweetened with added sugar and corn syrup. Even 100% orange juice contains 24 grams (or 6 teaspoons) of sugar per 8 ounces!

Sweetened Yogurt.
Sweetened yogurt

Most sweetened, non-fat yogurts contain more added sugar than ice cream. Eating this for breakfast will send your blood sugar out of control and guarantee fatigue and cravings for the rest of the day.

Processed Meat.
Processed meat and cheese

While meat and cheese are low-carb and won’t spike your blood sugar, processed foods are only about half real food. The other half includes ingredients like food dyes, preservatives, fillers, emulsifiers, and other artificial ingredients.

So, how can you hack your mornings for vibrant all-day energy, smooth digestion, and even better sleep at night?

There’s a secret to getting through a busy day that won’t leave you feeling drained and sluggish

In fact, this one secret may also help you lose unwanted fat, balance your
hormones, and promote better focus…

It’s a powerful protein and superfood blend that covers all of your nutritional bases and gives
you clean energy throughout your day.

That’s right —clean, bioavailable protein is essential for weight loss, energy, nutrient transport, healthy immunity, and hundreds of other biochemical functions.3,4,5

Boost Energy Levels And Skyrocket Your Metabolism With Rootz Superfood Breakfast Shake For A Super Powerful You!

Super Powerfull Protein.
Cadace Moore.

"I have always avoided protein powders because they are so often loaded with fillers that irritate my stomach. When I read the ingredients label for this protein, I immediately gave it a try because it doesn't contain ANY junk. Every single ingredient is high quality, real, whole food, and it tastes absolutely delicious. I love this company so much!"

Candace Moore,

Founder and CEO of Yoga by Candace,
author of Namaslay

The Benefits of Starting Your Day With Protein

Fewer Cravings.

Fewer Cravings

Protein for breakfast slows the release of your hunger hormones and increases satiety hormones, helping you feel fuller for longer.6

Potential Fat Loss.

Potential Fat Loss

Eating a protein-packed breakfast curbs your appetite and controls sugar cravings throughout the day, which can result in healthy, sustainable fat loss7

Better Blood Sugar.

Better Blood Sugar

Regularly breaking your fast with carbs or sugar leads to spikes in blood sugar, followed by sharp dips in energy and brainpower. Protein, on the other hand, helps balance your blood sugar throughout the day.8

More (And Better) Energy.

More (And Better) Energy

Protein doesn’t just fuel and repair muscle and other tissues —it provides longer-lasting energy than carbs, without the familiar crash of sugar or caffeine.9

Stronger Immunity.

Stronger Immunity

Protein is vital for rebuilding and repairing tissues and fighting infection. Antibodies and immune cells also rely on protein to thrive. That means more protein equals a stronger immune system!10

Balanced Hormones.

Balanced Hormones

Protein provides the amino acids that your body needs to make vital hormones.11 From estrogen to thyroid hormone to insulin, your body needs these to help speed up metabolism, nourish your brain, and balance blood sugar.

Radiant Health.

Radiant Health

Protein contains an array of amino acids — the building blocks of muscle, bone, and other tissues. Protein even helps produce neurotransmitters, hormones, and enzymes that help your brain and body run smoothly!

Top 7 Signs You May Not Be
Getting Enough Protein

The truth is, most people severely underestimate how much protein they get in a day—especially women. One in 3 adults aren’t getting the recommended amount of protein,12 missing up to 30 grams of protein per day. Here are just a few signs you might be low on this critical nutrient:

Hunger and cravings.

Hunger and cravings13

Muscle weakness or muscle loss.

Muscle weakness
or muscle loss14

Slow recovery from injuries.

Slow recovery
from injuries15

Hard skin and nail trouble.

Hard skin and
nail trouble16,17

Fluid retention.

Fluid retention18

Low immunity.

Low immunity19,20

Brain fog.

Brain fog21

However, 99% of store-bought protein powder is actually
doing your body more harm than good...

Let’s explore the scary world of protein powders and the inflammatory
ingredients you need to avoid!

Debra G.

Verified buyer

“I put Rootz in my smoothie every morning and feel good knowing I’m not just getting the highest quality protein available, but also my daily dose of greens and a ton of amazing superfoods. And it tastes like a chocolate banana milkshake!”

Protein Balls.

The Problem With Most Protein Powders

There are usually two types of protein powders —those that taste good and those that are good for you.
It’s rare to find a blend that does both.

The ones that taste good are filled with ingredients that will leave you feeling drained. In fact, many of them contain fillers and other harmful ingredients that can cause inflammation, disrupt your gut microbiome, and do more harm than good to your body over time.

Go ahead… grab a container of standard protein powder and read the ingredients list.

See all those ingredients you can’t pronounce?

Man in shop.

It’s likely they’re one of these:

  • Artificial sweeteners and fillers that wreak havoc on your gut microbiome and cause bloating and discomfort
  • Highly-processed vegetable oils, which give shakes a creamy texture, but contain harmful fats that cause inflammation and even raise “bad” cholesterol
  • Other man made chemicals that are not meant to be consumed by humans

Or they’re packed with…

  • Casein, which is poorly absorbed and can lead to gas and bloating
  • Gluten, which can trigger inflammation and gut issues
  • Soy, which is often genetically-modified and contains trace amounts of pesticides and phytoestrogens

And when it comes to healthy protein blends… Let’s just say they leave a lot to be desired when it comes to taste.

It’s time to ditch the chemicals and opt for a quick, convenient superfood blend that boosts energy and metabolism, while still tasting incredible

I'm Ready For Clean Protein

“I don’t know why, but it tastes like Captain Crunch!

...It is so good!”

Raya A.

Verified Buyer

“I started drinking Rootz 3 months ago and I am already down 20 lbs and feel much more energetic. I’ll be a customer for life”

Lifestyle Smoothie.

The All-in-One Protein
Blend That Saves You Time
AND Money

Gone are the days when you have to choose between a
healthy protein shake that tastes like dirt or a tasty one that
is filled with harmful chemicals and toxic ingredients.

Instead, you can grab an ice-cold glass of this all-in-one
superfood protein
that delivers a punch of protein, greens,
AND tastes like a delicious bowl of Cinnamon Toast
(with NONE of the toxic additives).

Super Powerfull Protein.

With Rootz Superfood Protein, you can say goodbye to...

Buying half a dozen different powdered supplements and drinking 3-4 different shakes to get your daily dose of nutrients.

Searching the shelves for a protein powder with real, whole-foods ingredients.

Throwing out bin after bin of protein powder because it tastes like chalk (or worse!).

Rootz Protein Superfood

Protein Shake.
  • High-quality protein blend
  • Electrolytes
  • Superfood blend
  • Greens blend

= $54 (or less!)

Buying Separate Supplements

Buying Separate Suplements.
  • Most high-quality protein blends$55
  • Most electrolytes$30
  • Most greens blends$77
  • Chia seeds$10
  • Flax seeds$10
  • Maca$17
  • Bee pollen$25
  • Acai powder$28
  • Goji berries$23
  • Blueberry powder$20
  • Royal jelly$30

= $325 or more!

We’ve spent years perfecting our recipe with quality and nutrient-density in mind. That means using the most powerful protein sources and 18 different superfoods to get you closer to your health and fitness goals —not farther from them.

No cutting corners or opting for cheap, easy-to-source ingredients. In fact, we only send you products we’d share with our own families.

Supercharge Your Energy Levels And
Power Up Your Mornings

Most Popular + Best Value

One Tub.

1 Tub

One Tub.


$54.99 (Save $27.50)

Renews every 30 days.
Can cancel any time for any reason.

Save 50% off your first order
and 25% off all orders after that!

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3 Tubs

Most Popular.

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Individual Package.

6 Tubs

Individual Package.

$38.50/per tub

$55 (Save $16.50)

One Time Purchase

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Rootz Protein Superfood Benefits

Rootz Protein Superfood Goes Beyond Normal Protein Powders So You Can Get The Most Out of Every Day

Bioavailable Protein.

15 grams of clean, bioavailable protein

Full servings of fruits and veggies.

2 FULL servings of
fruits and veggies

Nutrient Dense Superfoods.

18 of the most
nutrient-dense superfoods

Protein Smooty.

Feel the difference of the Rootz Protein Superfood
for yourself...

  • Supercharge your day with clean protein, superfoods, PLUS 2 servings of fruits and veggies
  • Feel mentally sharp throughout the day, with ZERO brain fog
  • Have more energy and vitality than you did in your 20s
  • Recover mentally and physically from stress
  • Control cravings and lose unwanted fat
Protein Smooty.

Rootz Protein Superfood
is Powered By...

Ultra Bioavailable PROTEIN Blend

Egg White Protein.

Egg White Protein

Egg whites are an impressive protein source, with all 9 essential amino acids and one of the highest protein digestibility scores on the planet.

Sacha Inchi Protein.

Sacha Inchi Protein

Sacha inch is an omega-3-rich seed that doubles as a robust plant-based protein source. It contains all 9 essential amino acids, and is particularly high in tryptophan, a critical precursor to serotonin.22

Hemp Protein.

Hemp Protein

Hemp protein offers all 9 essential amino acids and optimal digestibility. Plus, it contains an ideal 3:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids and an array of minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, and copper.

Powerful SUPERFOOD Blend

Chia Seeds.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are loaded with beneficial nutrients that can help improve energy and stabilize blood sugar.23

Flax Seeds.

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are known for their high omega-3 fatty acid content, but they’re also rich in beneficial fiber and antioxidant-like lignans.24

Maca Root.

Maca Root

Maca is a potent, nutrient-dense root used to improve energy and performance. Packed with vitamin C, copper, iron, potassium, and more, it also may help you gain muscle, increase strength, enhance fertility, and boost brain function.25,26

Bee Pollen.

Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is loaded with more than 250 active compounds, including amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and more. Its powerful antioxidant profile may help reduce inflammation, fight harmful bacteria, and even fight infections.27,28



This Brazilian superfood is rich in antioxidants, which can help counteract the effects of inflammation and oxidation in the body. This can affect everything from energy and recovery to brain health.29

Goji Berries.

Goji Berries

Used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, Goji berries are loaded with fiber, iron, and vitamins A and C. They’re said to strengthen your liver, kidneys, and lungs, plus slow signs of aging, strengthen eye health, and help boost immunity.30



Another antioxidant powerhouse, blueberries are high in potassium and vitamin C, helping to lower inflammation, promote heart health, maintain brain functions, and help prevent aging.31

Royal Jelly.

Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is said to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress with its unique array of vitamins, trace minerals, and antioxidants.32

Nourishing GREENS Blend



Spirulina is an antioxidant- and nutrient-rich blue-green algae known for fighting free radicals and inflammation. Some studies suggest it may even improve muscle strength and endurance.33,34



Another nutrient-dense algae, chlorella, is loaded with essential amino acids, vitamin B12, iron, vitamin C, antioxidants, and brain-boosting omega-3s. Chlorella may help strengthen immunity, lower blood sugar, and may enhance aerobic endurance.35



One of the most nutrient-dense plants on the planet, this cruciferous vegetable is loaded with anti-inflammatory antioxidants and nutrients like vitamin C, beta carotene, calcium, magnesium,and potassium.36



Spinach is an excellent source of vitamins K, A, and C, as well as manganese, magnesium, iron, and vitamin B2. The nutrients in spinach help maintain bone integrity, prevent oxidative damage, and protect eye health.37



Broccoli is packed with a number of nutrients, including a potent antioxidant called sulforaphane. Sulforaphane may lower oxidative stress, reduce inflammation, and even help with blood sugar control.38,39

Essential ELECTROLYTE Blend



Coconut is a natural source of electrolytes that helps restore hydration and critical nutrients lost during exercise. It’s especially rich in potassium, which helps regulate fluid balance, muscle contractions, and nerve signals.40



Another potassium-rich food, banana, helps replenish minerals essential for heart health, muscle contraction, and more.40

Full Ingredients List

Egg White Protein, Sacha Inchi Protein, Hemp Protein, Coconut, Banana, Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, Maca Root, Bee Pollen, Acai, Goji Berries, Blueberries, Royal Jelly, Spirulina, Chlorella, Kale, Spinach, Broccoli, Natural Chocolate Extract, Natural Vanilla Extract, Stevia Leaf, Cinnamon, Natural Sea Salt

Nutrition Facts.

What’s Left Out of a Product is Just As
Important as What Goes In

Benefits of Product
Benefits of Product Benefits of Product
Benefits of Product Benefits of Product Benefits of Product
Protein Superfood.

Rootz Protein

  • Dairy-free
  • No sugar added
  • Gluten-free
  • Soy-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Added superfoods
  • Critical electrolytes
  • No artificial ingredients
  • No “natural” flavors
  • Keto-friendly
  • 100% Paleo approved
  • Caffeine-free energy
  • Lowers inflammation
  • Balances blood sugar
  • Promotes healthy weight loss
  • Crushes cravings
  • Promote hormone balance
  • Increase focus and drive
  • Muscle growth and maintenance
  • Builds and maintains connective tissue
  • Natural brain power
Other Protein Brands.

Other Protein Brands

  • Dairy
  • Added sugars
  • Gluten
  • Maltodextrin
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Skim milk powders
  • GMO soy
  • Highly processed vegetable oils
  • Cheap bulking agents
  • Thickeners
  • Gums
  • Zero added superfoods
  • No electrolytes
  • Causes bloating and gas
  • Disrupts the gut microbiome
  • Elevates inflammation
  • Increases blood sugar
  • Causes fat storage

But, all of these health benefits would be worthless if the shake didn’t taste amazing!

We focus on quality, but never skimp on taste. Our delicious, slightly sweet, creamy Protein Superfood is so good, it’s even kid-approved.

You know a shake is good when even
your toddler asks for more.

And you can always feel good knowing that you and your family are getting the nutrients they need from ingredients that were specifically chosen to nourish your body and mind.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

The Experts Weigh In

Ben Greenfield.
Ben Greenfield

Founder and CEO of Ben Greenfield Fitness

"This protein powder tastes like banana bread… this stuff tastes amazing. You could just stick a spoon in the protein powder and eat a spoonful of it."

Dave Sinick.
Dave Sinick

CEO of PaleoHacks

“Wow, this stuff legitimately tastes like banana bread. I have it after every workout, blended with almond milk and a banana.”

Mike Bledsoe.
Mike Bledsoe

Founder and CEO of Barbell Shrugged

"In search of a healthy, dairy free, protein I stumbled upon Rootz. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much care they put into developing a product that is clean and has a lot of the ingredients I had a hard time putting into my diet otherwise. This has become a staple in my supplement cupboard and a daily dose in my morning smoothie."

Jenn Bumb.
Jenn Bumb

Founder of Pretend it’s a Donut

"Rootz is hands down the best there is! As a busy mom of 5, Rootz helps me stay active with my kids and helps with my fitness goals. The real, wholesome foods that go into their product are key for our lifestyle!"

Amanda Torres.
Amanda Torres

Founder of The Curious Coconut

"I am so in love with Rootz Nutrition! The Protein-Superfood powder packs in a truly impressive array of nutrient-dense ingredients with NO fillers. This is an incredibly high-quality supplement perfect for anyone following the Paleo diet. The best part: no whey protein in sight here! Whether you are a gym junkie or just looking for high quality supplements to boost your diet, you'll be so glad you tried Rootz!"

Rachael Davaux.
Rachael Davaux

Founder of Rachael’s Good Eats

"When making the switch to natural workout supplements after several years using conventional junk-filled supplements, I was so happy to come across Rootz, a Paleo supplement company that is free of artificial chemicals and fillers. Their pre-workout gives me the burst of energy I need without any jitters and I've found the protein powder to be one of the only powders that doesn't upset my stomach. I continue to recommend Rootz to anyone looking for healthy pre and post-workout nutrition supplements!"

Jordan Younger.
Jordan Younger

Founder of The Balanced Blonde

"I am a huge fan of paleo protein powders but they have to hit a lot of staples for me. Non-GMO, no fillers or artificial flavors, organic, low sugar... the list goes on. Rootz hits all of my staples and then some, and it actually tastes amazing! Huge supporter over here."

Brad Gouthro.
Brad Gouthro

Founder of Live Lean TV

"Your body, your temple. As the leader of the Live Lean Nation, I take what I put into my body very seriously. So when I heard about Rootz, a company that actually uses ingredients from the earth to produce their supplements, I was converted. Such a perfect fit with our Live Lean mission."

Rootz Protein Superfood Is
Also Great For Baking

Ice cream sandwich.
Protein Cakes.

Choose Your Package

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One Tub.

1 Tub

One Tub.


$54.99 (Save $27.50)

Renews every 30 days.
Can cancel any time for any reason.

Save 50% off your first order
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Most Popular.

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Real Reviews From Verified Buyers

Cheryl S.

Verified Buyer

"I’ve tried a lot of dairy-free protein powders, and to me, this one tastes the best hands down. It reminds me of the sweet cereal milk from when we were kids! I also love that there is no flavoring or sugar added, and it’s just tasty on its own."

Nicole T.

Verified Buyer

“The Rootz Protein Superfood is so clean and tasty that I even give it to my toddler! I feel good knowing he’s getting his daily dose of proteins, greens, fruits, and superfoods in a shake that he loves so much that he drinks it right out of the blender!”

Donna L.

Verified Buyer

“I’ve been putting the Protein Superfood in my morning smoothie every day for two months now and I notice a huge difference in my energy and physique. Also doesn’t hurt that it literally tastes like Reese’s pieces!”

Kim P.

Verified Buyer

“It tastes really, really, really good. It reminds me of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but like… super healthy”

Fix Your Fatigue and Supercharge Your Day With
Rootz Protein Superfood

Choose Your Package

Most Popular + Best Value

One Tub.

1 Tub

One Tub.


$54.99 (Save $27.50)

Renews every 30 days.
Can cancel any time for any reason.

Save 50% off your first order
and 25% off all orders after that!

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Most Popular.

3 Tubs

Most Popular.

$44/per tub

$55 (Save $11)

One Time Purchase

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Individual Package.

6 Tubs

Individual Package.

$38.50/per tub

$55 (Save $16.50)

One Time Purchase

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Protein Superfood
Frequently Asked Questions

How should I take the protein?

Most people enjoy the taste of our Protein Superfood mixed with unsweetened almond milk or other nut milks. However, it’s just as creamy and delicious mixed with filtered, icy cold water. Add to smoothies, acai or smoothie bowls, and baked goods as well, for an extra protein boost.

Why does it cost more than some other protein powders?

Rootz Protein Superfood is more than just a protein shake. It blends greens powder, protein powder, and other powerful superfoods all in one —so, instead of buying all of these supplements separately, they’re all found in this ONE Protein Superfood.

What is sacha inchi?

Sacha inchi is a nutrient-dense seed from Peru. Unlike many other plant-based proteins, it is a complete protein, offering all the essential amino acids your body needs to thrive. It looks and tastes like a nut, but it should be ok for people with nut allergies because it's technically a seed. As always, consult your doctor before trying new foods and supplements.

What if I hate the taste of stevia?

Most stevia additives are highly processed mixtures with additives and fillers, which contributes to the bitter aftertaste. The stevia we use is 100% ground stevia leaf with absolutely nothing else added. We also use an extremely small amount, so you get a hint of added sweetness without the bitterness.

What if I don’t exercise?

Protein is necessary for tissue growth and maintenance, enzyme production, hormone function, and more. In other words, protein is essential, whether you’re a professional athlete or a busy parent. If you’re looking to eat healthier and have more energy, we think you will love Rootz.